herbs in context

herbs in context

This element is present in all foods, herbs, supplements or anything you ingest into your body.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/011681.html by Mike AdamsWhy aren''t we educating people about all the antiviral herbs, foods and supplements that are more powerful than a drug, and that can''t create a resistant form of the virus?Source: www.BirdFluDefense.com/018678.html by Mike Adams

If you''re going to get concerned about dangerous ingredients in our food and herbs, there are a whole lot of other places to start rather than some obscure imported herbal products.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/003837.html by Mike AdamsThe Way Of Chinese herbs by Michael Tierra LAc OMD, page 102

Menthol and peppermint oils are often employed in the treatment of the common cold as components of topical nasal decongestants, cough and throat lozenges, ointments, salves, and inhalants.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/012692.html by Jessica SmithRelatively speaking, only a very few of the healing herbs have been studied scientifically.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/009805.html by Mike Adams1 most requested feature was a free online database of healing foods, herbs and nutrients.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019424.html by Mike AdamsSince then, it has remained one of the most popular adaptogenic herbs in China, where it is taken to promote mental function, strengthen the sex organs and beautify the skin, according to Off the Shelf Natural Health by Mark Mayell.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/009229.html by Dani VeracityA reader asks, "Are there any foods, vitamins, herbs, etc, that can help with insomnia?Source: www.NewsTarget.com/001975.html by Mike AdamsBut I got involved in this industry in the early 70s, started to become familiar with herbs in the kind of vague, not really knowledge-laden way that a lot of people did back then.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/007913.html by Mike AdamsWith herbs, for example, green tea and curcumin reinforce either other and make each other stronger.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019359.html by Mike Adams

Kilham:Most of the ingredients in the Hot Plants products, with the exception of yohimbe, are actually overall vitality-enhancing herbs.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019939.html by Mike AdamsYou can access these benefits by taking only one or two teaspoons of chlorella once or twice daily, according to Michael Tierra''s Treating Cancer with herbs.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/008527.html by Dani VeracityFiberzon is based on psyllium husk, but it adds a potent assortment of other detoxifying herbs that makes it a much better product than psyllium husk alone.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/006638.html by Mike AdamsOur best-selling formulas are now a combination of traditional Chinese herbs as well as homeopathy, which allows for faster- acting results for people.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/017727.html by Mike AdamsWhat most doctors don''t say, however, is that herbs might be the answer to this problem for some women.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/008220.html by Mike AdamsIn my own research, I''ve identified the 8 most powerful antiviral foods, the top 5 antiviral vitamins and minerals, the top 12 antiviral herbs, and the top 10 antiviral products.Source: www.BirdFluDefense.com/012728.html by Mike Adams...drug and healthcare costs continue to rise out of control, some Hawaiian residents are turning to traditional healing practices, including the use of herbs, as an alternative to conventional medicine, CNN reports.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/011576.html by Mike Adams$18 billion were spent last year on dietary supplements aimed at preventing cancer, and baby boomers are buying vitamins, minerals, and medicinal herbs in record numbers in order to prevent chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer''s disease.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/001689.html by Mike Adams

Best source for rainforest herbs / Amazon herbs: The Amazon delivers powerful healing herbs, and I''m only aware of two companies currently selling rainforest herbs that are harvesting them in an ethical way.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/000358.html by Mike AdamsGetting

rid of the kidney stones is easy with the right nutrition and herbs.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/001063.html by Mike Adams

According to "Off the Shelf Natural Health: How to Use herbs and Nutrients to Stay Well" author Mark Mayell, phenylalanine has the rare ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, where it then stimulates your brain to produce "the natural pain-killing and mood-boosting neurotransmitters dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019885.html by Dani VeracityThis is a top-notch direct sales company that specializes in high-potency rainforest botanicals (herbs from the Amazon) and personal care products that are actually good for your skin.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019701.html by Mike AdamsIf people really knew just how much they could prevent chronic disease with these plant extracts, medicinal herbs, vitamins, minerals, and supplements, the pharmaceutical industry would collapse overnight.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/008269.html by Mike AdamsYou could take all of these herbs separately and you would get the same positive results.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/009416.html by Mike Adams

This is a case in which the herb is not only more effective, but also safer; a fact that should not be surprising, since medicinal herbs are typically more effective and significantly safer than prescription drugs.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/006125.html by Mike AdamsAbraham''s parents supported their son''s decision and began taking him to the Hoxsey Clinic in Mexico for treatments involving cancer-fighting herbs and an organic diet.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019852.html by Jessica Fraser

* Actions: Dilator of arteries and veins, relaxes muscles in neck and head, cooling, nourishes fluids.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/007881.html by Mike Adams

*Organs & Meridians Entered: Heart, Liver, Lung, Stomach *Actions: Alleviates pain, invigorates blood, and moves stagnant Qi.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/007879.html by Mike AdamsIt has that spearmint green tea taste and it''s really because of the spices and herbs that are wonderful for our bodies.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019408.html by Mike AdamsOff The Shelf Natural Health How To Use herbs And Nutrients To Stay Well By Mark Mayell, page 140

Recently, however, Dr.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019419.html by Alexis BlackWe see them trying to get legislation to ban drugs from Canada and attacking online pharmacies, but then also discrediting any medicinal herbs like ma huang or Ephedra.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/008904.html by Mike Adams

Red, burning eruptions with itching, neuralgic pain, burning urination

This remedy is often helpful for herpes zoster infection

Painful blisters in mouth and genital region, burning urination

This remedy is indicated for intensely itching shingles

*Organs and Meridians Entered: Gallbladder, Liver, Stomach

*Actions: Drains heat from the channels.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/007883.html by Mike AdamsOf course, the vast majority of phytochemicals now known to reside in plants and herbs (many with unique physiological effects) were undreamed of in Fishbein''s day.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/008845.html by Jessica FraserTo survive most viral infections, all you really need are certain nutritional supplements and powerful medicinal herbs.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019379.html by Mike Adams

*Organs and Meridians Entered: Liver, Gallbladder, Pericardium

?Source: www.NewsTarget.com/007880.html by Mike AdamsBut the real story is the question they didn''t bother to ask: "Do you

want health supplements, vitamins, minerals and herbs to be banned and

regulated by the FDA?Source: www.NewsTarget.com/001132.html by Mike Adams" Inside, readers are taken on a tour of

what can only be called "FDA approved propaganda" about prescription

drugs, herbs and consumer safety.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/000944.html by Mike AdamsTreating Cancer With herbs by Michael Tierra ND, page 481

Natural ways to help you counter your hair loss

Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in starch.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/012893.html by Dani VeracityThe treatments in Chinese medicine include acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and Tui-Na, which resembles massage therapy combined with therapeutic touch.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019365.html by Mike Adams"herbs to treat hot flashes," says David Hoffmann, "include dong quai, ginseng, gotu kola, and motherwort to help with palpitations that accompany hot flashes.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019412.html by Alexis Black"herbs to treat hot flashes," says David Hoffmann, "include dong quai, ginseng, gotu kola, and motherwort to help with palpitations that accompany hot flashes.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019538.html by Alexis BlackIt''s been around for a long time as a basic antiviral drug, but in my research I''ve found that there are many other antiviral herbs and substances that are far more powerful than Tamiflu, that don''t require a prescription and are much more affordable.Source: www.BirdFluDefense.com/006195.html by Mike Adams

Grow your own medicine right in your back yard

Now why do I call them pharmaceuticals, when I am obviously talking about foods and herbs?Source: www.NewsTarget.com/017016.html by Mike AdamsA tremendous number of anti-viral vitamins, minerals, Amazon herbs, Chinese herbs, and nutritional supplements are available right now to boost immune system function and fight off viral infections (including the H5N1 strain).Source: www.NewsTarget.com/002316.html by Mike AdamsIs the Amazon herb company getting into sponsoring any kind of research to further explore the medicinal value of the herbs?Source: www.NewsTarget.com/012059.html by Mike Adams

There are also powerful Amazon herbs that show astounding immune system boosting effects.Source: www.BirdFluDefense.com/002366.html by Mike AdamsTamiflu definitely has antiviral properties, although I would argue that many medicinal herbs and antiviral nutritional supplements are far more powerful.Source: www.BirdFluDefense.com/008734.html by Mike Adams...html

"If vaccines run out, people can still protect themselves by using natural therapies like antiviral herbs, foods and supplements," said Adams.Source: www.BirdFluDefense.com/013027.html by Mike AdamsAs Tillotson writes, "Foods and herbs that contain high levels of chlorophyll show pharmacological evidence of cancer prevention, perhaps because pigments in green vegetables (and algae) … bind with and thus stimulate excretion of cancer-causing chemicals.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/008421.html by Dani VeracityThe company is introducing six new products at the Natural Products Expo West trade show: Young Bones™ tablets, Flexa-Joint™ capsules, Day-n-Night™ Bladder Control capsules, Clearly Glow™ tablets, Day-n-Night™ Pain Patch with Menthol and herbs, and Simply Glow™ facial masque.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/008048.html by Mike AdamsFatigue and tiredness usually have a cause that should be discovered and treated at a deeper level with diet, herbs and appropriate physiotherapy and lifestyle adjustments.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/012352.html by Dani VeracityThe categories (and examples) are: food home remedies (honey, lemon and garlic), other home remedies (tobacco, Epsom salts, and salves), vitamins (multivitamins, folic acid and vitamin E), minerals (calcium, magnesium and zinc), herbs (gingko biloba, ginseng and Echinacea), popular manufactured products (flax seed, amino acids and glucosamine sulfate), CAM therapies (imagery, biofeedback and energy healing) and CAM practitioners (chiropractor, herbalist and acupuncturist).Source: www.NewsTarget.com/020088.html by NewsTargetCertain herbs, vitamins, and nutritional supplements have been shown to have dramatic protective effects as well.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/008064.html by Mike Adams

Moving on in the herbs category, of course there are many, many healing herbs for heart health, including herbs like garlic, onions, and juniper berries.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/002691.html by Mike Adams

Diaphoretic herbs primarily influence the surface circulation and then the whole circulation, and perspiration is a result of the increased blood flow.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/009083.html by Mike AdamsMurray writes in The Healing Power of herbs, studies show that ginseng controls glucose in both diabetic humans and diabetic laboratory animals.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/008191.html by Dani VeracityAll they had was a suppressed immune system, and by changing their diet and taking a few herbs, including immune boosting substances such as reishi mushrooms, garlic and a variety of rainforest herbs, were able to restore full immune system function and no longer showed any symptoms of AIDS whatsoever.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/004654.html by Mike AdamsSo we''ll look at a condition like diabetes, for example, and look at when you use, say, the herbs, when you use the nutrients, when you use the drugs, how the drugs and herbs interact with each other, and provide an integrated care profile so that we can provide the best quality care for our patients.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/007134.html by Mike AdamsHowever, as this research shows, herbs can sometimes offer

a complex array of health benefits that will only be fully understood

when sufficiently studied.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/001111.html by Mike AdamsIt''s foods, supplements, herbs, activities and so forth that have tremendous effect either increasing the risk or protecting against it.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/020197.html by Mike Adams

When new science discovers amazing healing properties of pomegranates, cinnamon, turmeric or other healing herbs, we bring you the story with the courage of free speech, not with some watered-down version that neglects to tell you why these plant-based medicines are more powerful (and safer) than prescription drugs.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019884.html by Mike AdamsHoxsey''s remedies, made from natural herbs, cured cancer, and the American Medical Association ultimately admitted this in court.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019796.html by Mike Adams

Healing foods, herbs and nutrients revealed

In case you missed the previous announcement, we''ve also launched our healing foods, herbs and nutrients websites.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019476.html by Mike AdamsBut with herbs and nutritional supplements, no such decision is extended to patients.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019331.html by Mike Adams"

Apparently, the word "cure" is reserved exclusively for pharmaceuticals; it can never be used with herbs or other nutritional therapies.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019313.html by Mike AdamsThe conclusions have been offered as a way to make scientific reporting more "time efficient," because discrediting herbs one at a time was taking too long.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/018061.html by Mike AdamsThere''s not a single disease

or symptom that can''t be more effectively treated with herbs than

pharmaceuticals.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/001019.html by Mike AdamsNatural herbs and foods as well as medications that can no longer be patented won''t be "pushed" in advertising because there''s no real money to be made on them.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/010315.html by Dani VeracityAs much as I believe in nutritional supplements and the power of medicinal herbs to help people with diseases like diabetes and cancer, I think there is also a danger of using them as a crutch and ultimately relying on these healing herbs rather than making lifestyle changes that will reverse the diabetic condition in the first place.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/001534.html by Mike Adams...com health guide Judy Tidwell suggests enzymes, fatty acids, herbs, minerals and vitamins can be used as alternative relief options for allergies.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/011621.html by Mike AdamsKemper, a pediatrics professor at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, discusses an article she wrote for Contemporary Pediatrics, in which she noted that herbs and home remedies like chamomile, ginger and yogurt can be great treatments for common gastrointestinal complaints.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/011622.html by Mike AdamsThe FDA has well proven it''s going to defend the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry at all costs, it''s going to discredit supplements and herbs (and especially Chinese herbs) at every opportunity and it''s going to completely ignore any standards of safety for prescription drugs.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/012092.html by Mike AdamsAgain, there are many other medicinal herbs that offer far more power in terms of appetite suppression and weight loss than gingko biloba.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/001684.html by Mike AdamsAnd, by the way, Tamiflu is anti-viral, but even it is not nearly as strong as the combination of antiviral herbs and various nutritional supplements as outlined in my free downloadable book called "...Source: www.BirdFluDefense.com/005652.html by Mike Adams

Many herbs and medicines throughout the centuries have been used externally.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/012944.html by Mike Adams

There are a great many superfoods, nutritional supplements and medicinal herbs that can both prevent and reverse breast cancer.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/001579.html by Mike AdamsSuperfoods like spirulina, chlorella, broccoli, and nutritional supplements like Amazon herbs, cat''s claw (Una de Gato), graviola, or even more traditional herbs like green tea and licorice root.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/002248.html by Mike AdamsOther potent medicinal herbs for joint pain nclude curcumin (turmeric) boswellia.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/002849.html by Mike AdamsTreatments include a variety of herbs and natural remedies that help boost the immune system and prevent disease from occurring.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/005107.html by Mike AdamsYou can also eat a lot of garlic and ginger and all the various culinary / medicinal herbs that are known to enhance human health and delay aging.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/001970.html by Mike AdamsThe real news here is that researchers are

playing around with what''s called "functional foods," which are foods

enhanced by the addition of medicinal herbs or phytochemicals that

confer health benefits to consumers.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/000933.html by Mike AdamsI spend several hours a day stretching, strength training, engaged in physical activity, and continuing to learn and research foods, the healing effects of medicinal herbs, and how we can become healthier human beings by relying on the wisdom of nature.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/003551.html by Mike AdamsNow you have to give yourself optimum nutrition so that your body has the tools it needs to fight off cancer:

wheat grass, barley grass or other cereal grasses

sea vegetables like kelp, bladderwrack or seaweed

raw cancer-fighting vegetables: carrots, cabbage, onions, broccoli, spinach, garlic

soy milk and soy products like tofu

Then, finally, you have to supplement your diet with herbs known to fight cancer:

.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/001483.html by Mike AdamsThey would hold press

conferences, they''d release warnings to the press, and they would raid

manufacturers'' warehouses, confiscate the herbs, and order health food

stores to stop selling it.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/001026.html by Mike AdamsThe study and subsequent press

release seem to express shock that so many men are taking medicinal

herbs like yohimbe as well as vitamins and minerals when such therapies

are "unproven," says the center.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/001052.html by Mike AdamsOf

course, there are the anti-cancer herbs, too, such as graviola, burdock

root and licorice root, but if the patient isn''t willing to change from

the inside, herbs alone may not be enough.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/001069.html by Mike AdamsVisit your doctor and discuss nutrition, homeopathy, herbs and the internet without being looked at like you''re some kind of idiot

But in the United States, old-school doctors discredit and ridicule patients who seek to learn more about wellness and alternatives to western medicine.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/001681.html by Mike AdamsMedicinal herbs like graviola and healing foods like garlic, ginger and onions can also help reverse colon cancer.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/001466.html by Mike AdamsBecause the Western approach to medicine, promoted heavily by pharmaceutical companies, is based on the misconception that whatever healing properties certain plants or herbs might contain can be isolated, extracted and possibly synthesized under patent protection.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/000449.html by Mike AdamsIn the second edition of "How to Beat the Bird Flu," Adams reveals personal protection tips, antiviral herbs that reduce length and severity of flu symptoms, and what supplies every home needs in order to face a national emergency.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/017802.html by Mike AdamsOff The Shelf Natural Health How to Use herbs and Nutrients to Stay Well by Mark Mayell, page 209

Potassium does a balancing act with sodium, which is one reason that it''s so vital in maintaining proper blood pressure, Dr.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/015820.html by Dani VeracityThe formula is composed of four herbs (burdock root, slippery elm, sheep sorrel, and Indian rhubarb).Source: www.NewsTarget.com/016446.html by Alexis BlackAnd there are no signs of change, as the FDA seems wholly committed to protecting Big Pharma''s profits by making it more difficult for generic drugs to receive approval (for example), and by continuing to discredit or outlaw herbs and natural medicines that actually prevent disease and make people healthier.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019321.html by Mike AdamsEven the World Health Organization says that 70 percent of all cancers are preventable, and in my view, that number is conservative, because if you combine sunlight therapy and green tea with anti-cancer herbs, anti-cancer foods such as garlic, onions, raw broccoli and raw sprouts, plus some rainforest herbs that are well-known for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, then you can boost your cancer prevention success to well over 90 percent.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019368.html by Mike AdamsDrugs are legal to prescribe for everything, but foods, herbs and nutritional supplements are approved for absolutely nothing.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019394.html by Mike Adams

The campaign to discredit all herbs

It doesn''t mean hoodia won''t find itself under fire by conventional medicine, of course.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019415.html by Mike AdamsThey subsist on animal products and trendy processed foods, and then one day, they discover they have prostate cancer -- a disease that''s very simple to prevent using natural foods and herbs.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019643.html by Mike Adams

Natural options for treating migraines include eating fish, rye and celery, as well as supplementing with the herbs guarana and skullcap.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/019716.html by NewsTargetThere are a huge number of nutritional supplements, vitamins, medicinal herbs and natural health therapies that drastically reduce arthritis pain even better than Cox-2 inhibitors without all of these health risks.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/009693.html by Mike AdamsCosta & Co Ltd

London Fruit and Herb - Premier Foods

Man Shuen Hong (London) Ltd - Double Dragon

http://www.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/006983.html by Mike Adams

Similarly, the FDA wants to regulate and even outlaw most nutritional supplements and medicinal herbs.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/007097.html by Mike AdamsFurthermore, CSPI researchers claim, these herbs cannot deliver the positive health results attributed to them on the drink labels.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/007663.html by Mike AdamsWe''re seeing research on herbs like turmeric, now being shown to be a strong anti-cancer herb and something that boosts immune system function.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/007732.html by Mike Adams

* Actions: Dilator of arteries and veins, relaxes muscles in neck and head, cooling, nourishes fluids.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/007882.html by Mike AdamsThe good news is that along with lifestyle changes like quitting smoking and increasing exercise, dozens of natural herbs, spices and foods have demonstrated efficacy in protecting breast health.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/008063.html by Mike AdamsResearchers in the Republic of Congo''s rainforests recently observed gorillas using simple tools to wade into water and dig up herbs.Source: www.Counterthink.org/013222.html by Mike AdamsAs Para-Buster uses traditionally known wild-crafted and organically certified herbs to aid in ...Source: www.NewsTarget.com/009648.html by Mike AdamsFurthermore, good nutrition – vitamins, minerals, fiber, fresh fruit and vegetables, juices and medicinal herbs – can do wonders against cancer.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/012727.html by Dani VeracityBy supporting the immune system and using healing herbs like garlic and ginger.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/000305.html by Mike Adams...com provides a place for those suffering from pain and anxiety to finally get relief with a special blend of herbs that promote a healthy digestive system, reduction in pain and anxiety, and helps get the rest you need to have a happy and productive life without the worry of dangerous and addictive narcotics at herbacet.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/009802.html by Mike AdamsExplanation: the drug industry works hard to discredit alternative medicine, herbs and nutritional supplements, hoping to force consumers to rely on drugs alone.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/009844.html by Mike AdamsAnd, of course, your doctor fully supports it and the FDA rubber-stamps the whole thing, going the extra mile to make sure that herbs are outlawed and deadly drugs remain perfectly legal.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/011224.html by Mike Adams

Then you have traditional Chinese medicine, with some powerful anti-cancer herbs.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/011701.html by Mike AdamsHowever, many nutritional experts and some medical doctors postulate that it''s actually due to the low amount of revenue generated by such remedies, since herbs are usually significantly less expensive than over-the-counter and prescription drugs.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/012119.html by Ben Kage"We offer (alternative medicine treatments) using color, using herbs, using sounds -- everything that God has given us to heal ourselves," she said.Source: www.NewsTarget.com/005972.html by Mike Adams

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