Video Gamer Loses Weight with Special Diet

Video Gamer Loses Weight with Special Diet

When 14-year-old Taylor LeBaron was teased by a classmate for having a “double chin,” he didn’t go home and wallow in self-pity or become depressed and gain another fifty pounds to add to his already hefty 300-pound weight. Instead, LeBaron decided to do something about it. The teenager from Georgia employed his knowledge and love of video games to create a weight loss system. Now 17 years old, LeBaron is half the weight and has authored his own book, titled “Cutting Myself in Half: How I Lost 150 Pounds One Byte at a Time.” He also has his very own fat burning system – “The Ultimate Fitness Game.”

Says LeBaron, “you have enemies, you have allies, and you have money. You have to play smart; otherwise, you run out of your money. Your score needs to be high at the end of the day… When I get a new videogame, one of the first things I do is check out the opponents to see what I’m up against. When I know the enemies, I can create a plan of attack.” After realizing the analogy between the game of life and a video game, LeBaron used his love of gaming to further the analogy, noting five key “enemies” of physical fitness leading to weight loss:

Food Choices
Large Portions
Liquid Calories

By identifying and targeting these “enemies,” LeBaron was able to lose 150 pounds. Now that many schools are starting to use fresh healthy vending, fresh vending could easily be one of the methods used to defeat “fitness enemies.” Fresh vending replaces unhealthy snacking options with better choices. Instead of a coke, look for fresh healthy vending and pick up a fruit smoothie or 100% juice. Fresh vending also has food options – rather than reaching for that candy bar, try some apple crisps or banana soy pudding. By using fresh vending, you can fight three of the physical fitness “enemies” – food choices, portion control, and liquid calories. You may even reduce your stress by being able to relax in the knowledge that you’re making smart decisions for your body even when you’re buying snacks from a vending machine.

LeBaron’s system isn’t just for teenagers, though it is targeted at the younger generation. Following in her son’s footsteps, LeBaron’s mother has lost 75 pounds, and his grandmother has lost 45 pounds. Try LeBaron’s game plan with healthy vending and start playing the game of life like a winner.