Low Fat Foods List for Grocery Shopping

Low Fat Foods List for Grocery Shopping

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Adopting a low-fat way of life can means a few modification to what you put in the basket next time you go do the grocery. It can means opting for a low fat foods list.

But what does a grocery list with low-fat foods look like?

Sometimes it doesn’t always mean foods with no fat at all, but rather foods with low-fat instead of high-fat.

So if you think that chips, popcorn with extra butter or those sandwich cookies should stay out of the shopping cart than you thought right.

But don’t be too discouraged about it, there’s still plenty of foods to choose from that are not only considered to be low-fat but that also taste good. So which one should you choose vs the one you should avoid?

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Here’s a List of Low-Fat Foods to Choose From:

In the list of oils: – Olive oil (probably your best choice) – Safflower oil

Canned fish like; – Water-packed tuna – Salmon

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be your first choice, the second choice would be the frozen ones, and third not the best choice but better than choosing junk foods would be canned vegetables and fruits like: – Pears – Peaches – Pineapple – Peas – Carrots – Mushrooms – Asparagus – etc.

You can add canned tomatoes: full,  diced or crushed, tomatoe sauce, etc… Always look for the one that has less salt.

Dried beans or grains like: – Peas – Chickpeas – Kidney Beans – Rice – Couscous – etc.

Whole wheat pastas like: – Whole Wheat Spaghetti – Whole Wheat Lasagna – or other noodles

In the list of condiments, seasoners, dressing you can have: – Peppers – Pickles – Softened Garlic – Whole Garlic – Sun Dried Tomatoes – Pimentos – Artichokes – Ginger – Chili – Low-Fat Salad Dressings or Mayonnaise – Mustards – Low-Fat, Low-Sodium Soups and Sauces

Whole grain and whole wheat: – Whole Grain Breads – Whole Grain Cereals – Whole Grain Bagels – Whole Wheat Flour – Low-Fat Granola – Bran Flakes – Cereals High in Fiber – Oatmeal

Dried fruits like: – Cherries – Cranberries – Raisins – etc…

Nuts and Seeds (with moderation): – Almonds – Hazelnuts – Walnuts – Peanuts – Pecans – Pumpkin Seeds – Sunflower Seeds – Sesame Seeds – Poppy Seeds – Fax Seeds

Sugar (other than refined sugar): – Honey – Maple Syrup

For snacks you can have (again with moderation and preferably not at night) : – Pretzels – Low-fat Popcorn – Whole Grain Crackers – Sugar-Free/Fat-Free Pudding and Jello – Applesauce

Of course more low-fat foods could be added to this list, but it gives a good idea of what types of things to look at when going to the grocery store. You still have the option to choose skimmed milk rather than low-fat 2% milk, the same with cheese and yogurts.

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