High Blood Pressure – A Serious Condition

High Blood Pressure – A Serious Condition

High blood pressure or HBP is also called hypertension. It means elevated tension or pressure in the arteries. Arteries are the vessels which carry blood from the heart to every tissue and organ of the human body. HBP is not caused by extreme emotional stress, although emotional stress can temporarily boost blood pressure. Basically, normal blood pressure is lower than 120/80. Blood pressure between 120/80 and 139/89 is defined as “pre-hypertension”, and blood pressure higher than 140/90 is considered high.

It is a severe condition which can lead to coronary artery disease, stroke, heart failure, kidney failure and other health problems. HBP is called a silent killer, since it generally has no symptoms. If it is not controlled, it not only affects your heart and blood vessels but other organs too. It affects their functioning adversely.

Here are few effects of uncontrolled high blood pressure:

1. Stroke

HBP is the most serious risk factor for a stroke. A damaged blood vessel in the brain can cause bleeding in the brain. That is a stroke. If a blood clot blocks a narrowed vessel, then it can cause a kind of stroke too.

2. Impaired vision

Sometimes, blood vessels present in the eye can burst or bleed because of high blood pressure. Vision can become impaired or blurred. Such complications can lead to blindness.

3. Kidney damage

Kidneys are the filters of our body. The kidneys clean up wastes from the body. Eventually, HBP can slender and cause coagulation in the kidneys’ blood vessels. Consequently, the kidneys will not be able to perform their job and as a result waste will remain in the body.

4. Heart attack

High blood pressure is the main hazardous factor for heart attacks. If the heart cant get sufficient oxygen due to hardened or narrowed arteries, pain in the heart can arise. If the blood flow gets blocked a heart attack occurs.

5. Congestive heart failure

HBP is the cause of congestive heart failure. The heart becomes very exhausted due to beating harder and it is unable to pump enough blood to satisfy the body’s requirements.

6. Vascular dementia

As the person has hypertension, eventually, the brain receives a very small blood supply and the persons intellectual capacity goes down.

So be sure to keep a proper watch of your blood pressure levels to avoid the life threatening consequences. Have a healthy diet and lifestyle to protect yourself.

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