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Posted by Samsel on Jan 14th, 2012 in Weight loss

Planas Clinic presents a revolutionary method of weight loss

The Planas Clinic presented the Planas Enteral DietA revolutionary method of weight loss based on enteral nutrition in hospital and the rehabilitation of the patient. The method of this diet has been proven in thirty patients during the past year.

Following the protocol of the area is achieved Enteral Diet 10% reduction in the patient’s weight without reducing your muscle mass, without having to go and avoiding the usual appetite rebound that occurs in many other diets. In addition, a fundamental aspect of the process is that the patient is re-educated to learn to eat healthy and in this way can keep the body contour achieved.

Another attraction that this new diet is that it lasts only 24 days, Which are divided into two phases: enteral phase and a second phase food reeducation.

The first phase lasts 3 to 10 days and requires the patient to be admitted to the clinic. During this period he was constantly monitored by analytical testing, anthropometric and physiological team can create special customized clinical enteral nutrition to patients based on their needs morphological, and biochemical nutrition. This power is given for 24 hours a day through a pediatric probe of only 2 mm thick which goes directly into the stomach. During these days, the patient carries a backpack that lets you eat normally and move freely through the clinic as well as walking and gentle exercise. In this way, is also achieved that the stay does not become heavy for the patient.

The second phase no longer required for admission to the clinic. In the first phase rehabilitation of the patient, Eat solid foods and nutritional supplements and in the next 7 days continuous with dietary custom, gradually returned to normal eating rhythm.

It is important to note that this diet is indicated for patients with a overweight a minimum of between three and four kilos and twelve to fifteen kilos at most and have a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 25 and 29.9, as noted by Dr. Jorge Planas. Enteral Diet Weight Loss Plan allows a very fast, but keep in mind that is not valid for everyone, So are the center’s medical team who will assess whether it is suitable for each individual.

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Selenium, a great antioxidant and protector of health

Despite their presence in the body is very small, the Selenium is a mineral very important for our health, emphasizing above all its enormous antioxidant properties, So it becomes a great ally for our body.

This important antioxidant factor, as it happens with other nutrients, is given because it helps protect healthy cells from the action of free radicals, Which are molecules that can cause adverse health effects, and that modify DNA, fats and proteins. Over time, these free radicals can cause diseases of a degenerative nature, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Similarly, accelerate aging process and increase the risk of cancer. It is therefore very important role they have some vitamins and minerals like selenium to protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Although the discovery of selenium took place just 30 years ago, more and more properties are aware of and benefits of this trace element. It is known to help protect the cardiovascular systemr, the same way that motivates immune systemBecause it increases the production of white blood cells. For this reason, more and more used to combat the side effects of chemotherapy. It can also help skin problems, Such as the psoriasis, Dandruff, loss of elasticity and age-appropriate stains.

Other functions that are attributed to selenium are its ability to counteract the effect produced by heavy metals, and improve male fertilityBecause it enhances the training and mobility of sperm. It could also be useful in degenerative diseases like arthritis and vision problems such as cataracts. Also, last but not least, it was found that improves mood, So some selenium supplements may help people suffering from depression or stress states.

The recommended daily allowance of selenium is low (50 micrograms), so a varied and balanced diet assures us the necessary input. In fact, its deficiency is very rare, and is exclusive of areas where the soil is poor in selenium, as a result of overfishing. In certain people, such as elderly, sick or people with eating disordersMay be advisable to take some kind of supplement that includes selenium.

The foods in selenium include nuts (especially Brazil nuts), whole grains, onions, celery, cabbage, garlic, broccoli, seafood, fish and dairy products.

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Many people have a habit of medication without medical advice, which pose serious problems, because they usually do not have enough knowledge to know if you need to take a particular medicine or another. The self-medication can cause poisoning , side effects unwanted and causes at the same time decrease the effectiveness of antibiotics in the person taking them. But there is a problem no less important and is increasingly common: the pharmacological dependence.

And is that just as with drugs and alcohol, some medications may be habit physical and psychological in whom the decision. In fact, the drug is recognized as an addiction, and as such, can be very harmful to the health of the sufferer. This dependence is born continuous intake of medicines , in order to get your physical, mental. Furthermore, this practice causes continued failure to take an upset in the person.

Keep in mind that some drugs are more addictive than others and some people are more likely to fall into this type of adicición. The medicines we create more dependency on the patient are the psychotropic drugs used for treating disorders of anxiety, depression or stress states , among other disorders. If you are stopped after periods that have been used on a regular basis tend to create significant withdrawal syndromes.

In particular, it is common for people who take without medical supervision tranquilizers and sleeping pills . Its abuse causes physical and psychological dependence. Also, if you are stopped, leading to withdrawal that is generated, causes symptoms such as palpitations, difficulty sleeping, depression and anxiety.

Meanwhile, people who regularly take painkillers when something hurts, they can cause your body gets used to its effects, so as to reduce their benefits. This situation causes the patient enters a vicious circle, since by reducing its effects, more medicines are taken regularly.

In general, drugs addiction production by chemical composition, and because they produce relief and when they stop taking the patient can feel bad for what follows it, they are the most cause addiction.

Be especially careful with analgesics, tranquilizers, medications for insomnia, weight loss drugs and psychotropic cited, since they all tend to generate a greater or lesser extent, dependence.

On the other hand, besides the type of drug, this dependence has a psychological factor , so there are people who are more likely to suffer from this dependence. In general, people are more likely to have a drug addiction are:

- People who have a great intolerance of pain . For this reason, very often turn to drugs to avoid physical discomfort, but also psychological (fear of anything happening, depression because it is not good …)

- People very impulsive . Those who want to solve everything in a hurry without considering the possible negative consequences of their actions.

- people with depression and all those who have mood swings so very common. They are the group of people more prone to addictions of all kinds. These addictions use them as an escape from their situation.

- People with anorexia and bulimia or other eating problems otherwise. They tend to take medicine to take away the appetite, laxatives or vomiting, so they end up suffering too addicted to such drugs.

- Students and people obsessed with their body shape. To achieve its purposes (pay more, gain more muscle mass …) can abuse drugs often contain amphetamine.

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Maize, a good source of minerals for athletes

The corn is a vegetable which often know their property, so today we show that besides having a good amount of fiber and hydrates complex Corn is a good source of minerals for athletes.

An ear of corn contains about 30 grams of complex carbohydrates and at the same time, offers more than 350 mg of potassium, 150 mg of phosphorus, 24 mg sodium and 50 mg of magnesium All minerals needed to maintain the proper functioning neuron muscular and electrolyte balance, therefore, corn is a verdure ideal for sportsman.

If you sportsman You can take all these minerals and other properties corn cob eating boiled corn kernels or adding to a salad, pie filling, a stew or sauce.

Selenium, a great antioxidant and protector of health

Planas Clinic presents a revolutionary method of weight loss

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Maize, a good source of minerals for athletes

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