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Essential Elements Ayurveda Health Beauty

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Facial skin, one of the most sensitive areas of our body, is a bit different from the rest of your skin. It is rich in sebaceous glands that secrete sebum, the natural lubricating oil of your skin, which can trap dead skin cells and dirt causing skin blemishes. Facial skin is also more prone to water loss. Our latest project is to introduce a product which can smooth,clean and can give glow to your skin and protect your skin from wrinkles and aging.

In today''s stressful environment,lot of responsibilities and lack of proper and healthy diet we need natural and organic supplements. We are working to bring natural remedies for blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, thyroid,acne, low sex drive and much more..

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My name is Zahida Riyaz I am a certified cosmetologist and skin care specialist. I started my carreer as Sales Associate for Bloomingdales and then moved to Bank of America. Over the period of time achieved number of awards for customer service and surpassed my sales targets. But there was something which was always missing or feeling of emptiness. I want to do something for which I have a burning desire and passion at the same time to enjoy it. I always tried to keep myself healthy and in good shape, I thought why not help people to eat right and look beautiful.

I decided to become cosmetologist and skin care specialist. As my decent hails from Greek Cypriot and India, Essential Elements Ayurveda Health Beauty was a natural tendency for me to get attracted. Growing up in the village of Kyrenia (Girne) my mother used to make hair oil for us to have long thick shiny and beautiful hair. As my clients always asked how to make skin glow and beautiful, get rid of pimples and wrinkles, what to do for thinning hair and dandruff, how can I lose weight or my sugar is high. I started to tell them the recipes and often made it for them. The results were amazing. My clients asked me why not to start making these products on large scale and help people to use natural products. I decided to go back to Cypress and stayed one year to learn about natural cures. My grandfather who is 102 years old and still riding his bicycle gave me number of proven cures for allergies and sicknesses.

All our products are natural, organic and have proven track record. We back up all of our products 100%. We are continuously working day and night to make natural products for your needs.