This method enables, that the therapeutist without any injury of the living organism can solve problems, which traditional medicine can only with the opening of the physical body, or with radiotherapy, or with chemotherapy.

The energy what I use comes from the soul.

Psychic surgery is inseparable from the exploration of the patient''s mental problems and from the solving.

This fact itself is remarkable, when tumor, cyst, or other abnormalities are healed, so are mental problems explored and solved.

This is excellent, because abnormalities of the physical body are spiritual origin in most bodies, so the abnormalities of the physical body can be eradicated. Not only the symptoms are treated.

This energy what I use for the treatment is conscious intelligent energy.

This energy is extremely fine, penetrates until the cells of the organism, and consciously flows through those parts of the body, where negative disorders are founded.

It can be created only by initiate person, with faith, empathy, full attention.

During treatment I am only the aid, the channel of the energy..

The spiritual energy is streaming through my body then, and through my hands penetrates to the affected organ, and knows exactly what to do.

It gives to all people, what they need.

The selection is often a crisis, but this is unavoidable for the detoxication of cells.

Usually the patients feel at the first moment of treatment, that I put my hands above their body, even though my hands are 3 cm far from the body.
My patients usually feel the flow of the energy. I start charging at the force center, and bowl movement acceleration can be heard after 2-3 minutes.

After charging the distributive chakra, I energize the sick organ or body parts.

The energy what I use, I transmit, starts right away beneficial effect in the body, and in the aura.

There are some sensible patients, who feel not only the energy inflow, but some outflow also.

I am really glad at the report, because this feedback confirms the theory, that the flowing spiritual energy in body turns back abnormalities, extinguishes negative energies from these places, and as negative energy immediately leaves the body.

So tumor retrogrades or other abnormality totally eliminates.

One case of the intelligent energy: I treated one patient with problems of the prostate. When we finished the treatments, he told me that not only his lower abdominal problems disappeared, but his leg- which was broken in an accident - became much stronger than before treatment.

During treatment I had no information about leg problems. This case confirms the theory that this energy is so fine, and intelligent to know what to do.

What diseases can be turn back with this technique?

I tell you what I have experienced. This curing technique can be applied successfully by the simple inflammatory diseases, chronic headaches, psychosomatic disorders, tumors, problems of the prostate and more incurable believed diseases.

The patient''s soul will be restored after the treatment. Vitality will be forced, the patient becomes more optimistic, and can easier deal with situations in life.

How does the energy of psychic surgery work, and what is the main point?

This energy supports all healthy vital process; it makes positive influences in the human organism, in tissues, in cells, even in the aura also. It puts out, removes negative energies (vibrations) from the pathological tissues, tumors, from "benignant" as well from "malignant".
Pathological disorders are created and kept alive in the body by negative energies (vibrations).
Negative energies are removed with psychic surgery intervention, those which keeps alive pathological abnormalities. So as a result of the removed negative energy all abnormalities disappear.
The treatment associates with pleasant feeling, it has no side effects, even during the healing of the physical body the treated person becomes mentally more balanced.

Relation between patient and therapist:

Before treatment we talk about somatic and mental problems. I help the patient to relax; I create the best atmosphere for treatment.

Talk after treatment:

The atmosphere is much more relaxed, the patient talks about his feelings during treatment. I got feedback what is important to get back health.
Best results can be reached with those patients, who want to leave, and fight for their life.

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