collaboration - consulting health management

collaboration - consulting health management

www.hsag.comHealth Services Advisory Groupwww.acadia-pharm.comTreating Neuropathic Pain - New Drug Candidates - ACADIA...www.cgen.comGenomic-Based Discovery Collaborationswww.curagen.comCuraGen Corporation - Collaborationswww.genelabs.comGenelabs Technologies, Inc. - Business Development - Collaborationswww.icos.comICOS - Company Info - Collaborationswww.nektar.comPartner Collaborations Nektar Therapeuticswww.oxigene.comOXiGENE - Collaborationswww.senomyx.comSenomyx: Collaborationswww.theravance.comTheravance, Inc.www.questdiagnostics.comQuest Diagnostics: Our Vision, Mission & Valueswww.anadyspharma.comAnadys Pharmaceuticals, Inc.www.consultingems.comCalifornia healthcare financial consulting, healthcare operational...

Health Services Advisory Groupwww.hsag.comWelcome to Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG). For 25 years HSAG has provided innovative leadership on health care quality improvement projects for Federal, state and private sector clients. Founded by a group of medical professionals in 1979, HSAG is one of most experienced quality improvement organizations in the nation. HSAG is recognized as an agent of change in the health care industry because of the company''s successful collaboration with providers across the continuum of care.

Treating Neuropathic Pain - New Drug Candidates - ACADIA...www.acadia-pharm.comNew drug candidates for treatment of neuropathic pain to enter clinic under collaboration with Allergan in 2004, Phase II trials in 2005.

CuraGen Corporation -

Genelabs Technologies, Inc. - Business Development - Collaborationswww.genelabs.comGenelabs Technologies, Inc. is a global biopharmaceutical and diagnostics company focused on gene-regulating drug discovery; infectious diseases including hepatitis; and immunological disorders including lupus.

ICOS - Company Info - Collaborationswww.icos.comICOS,Cialis,IC351,sitaxsentan,IC14,TBC3711,Paul Clark,Suncos

Partner Collaborations Nektar Therapeuticswww.nektar.comNektar Therapeutics is leader in advanced drug delivery technologies, helping biopharma companies optimize their molecules to create both new and lifecycle management products and fuel product pipelines.

OXiGENE - Collaborationswww.oxigene.comOXiGENE is a developing, innovative drug company engaged in research and development of anticancer drugs.

Senomyx: Collaborationswww.senomyx.comSenomyx is dedicated to becoming the world leader in the discovery and commercialization of products and services relevant to taste and olfaction.

Theravance, Inc.www.theravance.comTheravance: PageTopic. Theravance is a biopharmaceutical company with a pipeline of product candidates that we discovered and expect to develop in collaboration with partners or on our own.

Quest Diagnostics: Our Vision, Mission & Valueswww.questdiagnostics.comLearn about the vision, mission and values that drive Quest Diagnostics, the nation''s leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services.

Anadys Pharmaceuticals, Inc.www.anadyspharma.comCommitted to advancing patient care by discovering, developing and commercializing novel and powerful anti-infective medicines hepatitis antibacterial

California healthcare financial consulting, healthcare operational...www.consultingems.comEmergency Management Systems, Inc. is a company focused on healthcare operational consulting, healthcare financial consulting, collaborative practice consulting, healthcare management consulting, healthcare consulting services, leadership management in nursing, nursing executive management.

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