What is an Associate of Science in Nursing Degree?

What is an Associate of Science in Nursing Degree?

An Associate of Science in Nursing degree is a basic two-year degree program that is usually offered by community and/or junior colleges. There are several four-year universities and colleges throughout the United States that offer an ASN degree. Graduates of this program are qualified to complete the examination required to become a Registered Nurse.

Some ASN programs can be completed through hospital based nursing schools. Associate of Science in Nursing programs require at least two-years of study for completion and combine both clinical and nursing classes with standard education classes like English and College Algebra. This type of program will prepare nurses to function as leaders and providers of various nursing functions such as hands-on care, educational programs, surgical assistance and a host of others.

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Graduates of an Associate of Science in Nursing program work collaboratively with other members of a health care team in both hospital and clinic settings, as well as facilities that serve medical specialties like cardiac care and oncology. ASN graduates possess knowledge of therapeutic nursing, patient communication and education, medical culture, medical ethics and medical education. ASN graduates serve as patient advocates and provide care either themselves, or via delegation from a supervisory role.

Associate of Science in nursing Graduates also gain knowledge and education of care administration in the physical clinic or hospital setting through a variety of clinical studies that must be successfully completed prior to graduation. The ASN program affords students a great deal of professional and personal growth and development while preparing graduates to take on the responsibilities of the nursing profession and continuing education. Graduates of an ASN program are qualified to provide basic, general nursing duties and are a vital part of the health care team.

Successful completion of an ASN program will earn the graduate an opportunity to take the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses) in order to gain qualification to practice in the medical field as a Registered Nurse. The duties of a Registered Nurse are more in depth and the opportunities afforded one for successfully passing this national exam are highly beneficial and lucrative.

Obtaining an associate’s degree of science in nursing will also prepare students to go forward and continue their education by embarking on a program to complete a bachelor’s of science in nursing or a BSN. Most schools offer an accelerated program for obtaining a bachelor’s degree if the applicant has already successfully completed an ASN program. These accelerated programs will allow applicants to complete their bachelor’s degree in as little as twelve to twenty months.

You will easily be able to find many various programs and other qualifying information via some basic online research. If you have never considered the possibility that an Associate of Science degree in nursing might be right choice for your education, we highly encourage you to do a little homework and focus on the wonderful opportunities this degree program can offer to current students and graduates alike.

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