Healthy Living Slogans For Kids

Healthy Living Slogans For Kids

Teen Campaign Against Vices – an Initiative of the Parent and Child

A teen wants to have a sense of belonging, a sense of self worth, a sense of pride. When this does not happen, a teenager turns to various vices like drugs, smoking, alcohol, etc. Teenagers usually start with a single cigarette or a can of beer, due to peer pressure, to prove himself or to give the impression of being “cool”. This however turns into a habit and soon the teen is addicted. We have to launch a teen campaign against vices to help them and stop them.

Teenagers usually prefer to listen to their peers than to adults. They are in that phase of life where they are gaining independence and rebelling against adults. They therefore go to their friends and people in their age group, rather than to adults for advice and companionship. Therefore, when teen campaign against vices are organized and implemented by teenagers, the impact is much better.

Many teenagers have watched loved ones die from lung cancer. They have lived through the sufferings of their loved ones. Such teenagers are very strong campaigners against tobacco companies. Teenagers can be very effective campaigners as they are filled with vigor and enthusiasm. Teenagers, as part of their teen campaign against vices, can serve on community groups which seek tougher regulations against tobacco manufacturers.

They can discuss more stringent norms with the legislators. They can conduct surveys to find out why teenagers smoke. Most teenagers want to act like adults. They feel grown up with a cigarette in their mouth. Still others do it as a sign of rebellion. The campaigners can channel this rebellion into positive action by roping such children into assisting with the campaign and rebelling against tobacco companies. teen campaign against vices should focus on the fact that kids too have the power and ability to fight against tobacco companies.

Teenagers with low self esteem and those who find it hard to cope with the harsh realities of the world take to drugs. It is an escape route for them. Teenagers campaigning against drugs can highlight the horrifying after effects – depression, panic attacks, irregular heartbeat, respiratory disorders and even death.

Teenagers could have drug related discussions, seminars and conferences with their peers and point out the ill effects. The advantages of a healthy life could be highlighted and drug addicts could be encouraged to take up a sport to keep them healthy, channel their energies, become more disciplined and increase self confidence levels. Campaigners could also use pamphlets, catchy slogans, and stickers etc to spread their message.

Another vice rampant among teenagers is teen sex. Teen campaign against vices like teen sex should emphasize the horrors caused by AIDS and HIV which are ruining the lives of many teenagers. Delaying the first intercourse, promoting sexual abstinence among teenagers, avoiding early parenthood, responsible sexual behavior, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases etc could be topics covered in the teen campaign against vices. Teenagers must be taught to control their wants and be responsible people. Campaigners could use the media to promote their teen campaign against vices.

Underage drinking causes six times more deaths than all the other illicit drugs. Teens fall prey to alcohol as it is easily available. Many studies show that adults whom teenagers know, like parents, friends’ parents, relatives etc provide them with alcohol. The campaign against alcohol should stress on the fact the underage drinking is illegal, irresponsible and unsafe. Campaigners could use lapel pins, public service announcements, print and audio visual advertisements to promote their teen campaign against vices.

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