Be Healthy with Betty

Be Healthy with Betty

Stress can be caused by one of life events (e.g. accidents, break up, bereavement, moving house) or by current situations (e.g. money uncertainties, arguments at home or work, discrimination or bullying).

Stress is the tension that manifests in our complete mind and body when you are not honoring your true self, or your true morals, values as well as ethics. Stress is a signal that change is required in your life. Your body knows that you are out of balance, and is telling you so by that stress-out feeling. If overlooked it, stress can be devastating.

What YOU perceive, think and believe, is your reality.

Common stress symptoms are in most cases impatience, irritability, anxiety, boredom or frustration. Stress can also cause us to feel anything from hopelessness to rage and cause problems that will eventually affect long term health. We often feel that we can’t do anything about stress, that it’s ‘just the way it is’. But if we choose to ignore stress signals, the consequences are massive. Long term stress is paralyzing and destructive.

I believe there are two attributes that create an astonishing quality of life. The practice of precise simple habits each day will lead to triumph and the bravery to follow your passion in life will lead to completion. These two principles regardless of age, religion, nationality, gender, monetary status, create long-lasting results when acted upon daily. I am devoted to providing you with the tools to turn your dreams into reality-whether it is taking your career to the next level, starting a big business, amplify energy, (or wealth); possibly transforming your life, or linking with colleagues, friends, and loved ones at deeper levels.

This was quoted from the keys to stress free living.