What Can Anti Cellulite Shapewear Do?

What Can Anti Cellulite Shapewear Do?

What could be easier than just putting on your anti cellulite shapewear? These cellulite management methods use a variety of techniques to reportedly reduce cellulite in the body where it is worn. It became quite popular in Europe but it hasn’t gotten the same reception in the United States even though some shows have tested it out and gave it some exposure on national TV. It was perhaps because the testers didn’t really see long lasting results though it did improve the appearance of cellulite for a short time.

Techniques Used in Anti Cellulite Shapewear

Different brands rely on a different approach to this type of cellulite management system. One brand use micro-massage fabric to enhance lymphatic circulation which is said to improve the appearance of cellulite. Another uses fabric that is said to contain anti cellulite ingredients actually embedded into it, sort of like cellulite cream, but the difference is, you get to wear it. When it was introduced, European women, particularly in the United Kingdom were terribly excited over it but since then, nothing has been heard of it, at least, in this part of the world. Other brands are said to use infrared technology which purportedly promotes cellular breakdown while one popular brand uses a technique that cools down the temperature of the tissues surrounding the site of treatment. This is said to promote the metabolism of the brown fat cells, thus reducing cellulite. Two years ago, when one brand started this trend, it made use of bio crystals which produced heat. Scala Bio-Fir Anti Cellulite lingerie sold out within hours at the London department store, John Lewis, and earned the distinction of being the fastest selling lingerie in the store’s 145 year existence.

Do You Think it Works?

Even those naïve enough to believe in fantastical things can be forgiven if they show some reservations towards this anti cellulite method. Still, there is some niggling doubt that makes people hold on to that tiny kernel of hopefulness that it might just work. Tests that were done on some of the brands offering these products revealed varying results but most of them shows that it works. Peachy Pink sold by Debenham’s, Scala Bio-Fir’s rival, reportedly posted a loss of one to three inches just within 21 days of regular use while the latter ensures a one inch loss to the measurements of hips and thighs within one month. Those who actually bought it gave mixed reviews.

More Realistic Expectations

What’s great about these Anti cellulite shapewears is that it does provide you with slimmer thighs and buttocks or whatever body part you use it in as long as you’re wearing it. Aside from lingerie, they also come in shorts and more recently, leggings. It would be natural to assume that if there is any improvement that has been observed with its use, it most likely came from its ability to make you sweat, discouraging fluid retention which is the reason why you feel and look bloated. The principle behind seems to be similar to the waist slimmers that were so popular a few years back although one has to admit that the current Anti cellulite shapewear uses some fancy materials.

Some critics believe that there really is nothing significantly beneficial to the Anti cellulite shapewear but there are some who wonder if there is something to the claims. Given that the lymphatic system plays a role in the development of cellulite, there just might be a reason why cellulite sufferers shouldn’t be too quick to disregard it. Lymphedema sufferers do use compression devices to manage their condition so anti cellulite shapewear might yet offer some hope.