Satsuma Oranges  Orange Juice Nutrition Facts

Satsuma Oranges Orange Juice Nutrition Facts

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Satsuma is a type of Mandarin orange with an oblate shape instead of the usual spherical. Satsuma orange is a tender fruit that can be easily damaged by harsh cold and it is generally grown in the tropical and subtropical regions. Satsuma is a seedless variety with over 200 different cultivars. It is the main source for the canned Mandarin Oranges. Owing to the ease of consumption, Satsuma oranges are growing in popularity all over the world.

Satsuma oranges can be easily peeled with fingers and split into segments without spilling the juice, making it very convenient to eat without requiring any knife to cut it. During the Chinese New Year, people display lots of Satsuma Mandarin Oranges as a symbol of good fortune and wealth and also used for decoration and presented as gift to friends, business associates and relatives. In the Chinese traditional medicine and also in Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine), the dried peel of the fruit is used to treat indigestion, abdominal distension and reduce phlegm. China is the top producers of the Satsuma and Mandarins, followed by Spain, Brazil, Japan, and South Korea.

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