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Posts Tagged ‘Stroke’

Dr. David Steenbloack said:

“I’ve seen partially paralyzed propel half carried into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and often walk out after their first treatment”

It is believed that stroke can be cured or prevent if we really empathize the real signs and symptoms of it. Commonly, stroke will make the sensory and motor function of our body becomes loss, having severe headache, loss the ability to speak properly and movement problems. The clinical trial showed, the symptoms of it depends on the three conditions which are:

  1. Which vessel is affected and which part of the brain affected.
  2. Harshness of damage.
  3. The capability of the affected area of the brain to restore.

The common symptoms categorized according to the first condition, the affected vessel and which part of brain is affected. If the left-brain is affected, the right side of body will be affected and vice versa. So, if the middle cerebral artery is affected, the patients will have difficulty swallowing, speak, reduction of visual field and paralysis of one side (normally in the arm and face).


When the anterior cerebral artery is affected, the symptoms are weaknesses, cuts of visual field, amnesia, faintness, slurred speech and difficult to swallow. Furthermore, when the posterior cerebral artery is exaggerated, the symptoms of cortical blindness, reduction of visual field and reduction of sensory impairment will occur.

More importantly, if we jump into any signs and symptoms of stroke, please have your medical practitioner to assist and make the next move. Please be sure to apply a healthy lifestyle, so the faith is still there.

When we talk about stroke, it is related to the major causes of disability and death among women in their fifties or older. Store happened when a blood clot blocks the circulation to a part of the brain. The failure of this is called stroke. This failure of blood circulation to supply oxygen-enriched blood will cause paralyzing to certain part of body due to the affected part of the brain.

Although stroke can cause a vital damage, it still can be prevented. We should know the causes of strokes and learn something from it. We have to change our lifestyle and having better health education, it is the best protection against having a stroke.

The main cause is the obstacle of blood vessel to supply an enough oxygen-enriched blood to the brain. However, there are several factors that can increase the risk to get strokes such as hypertension, smoking, kidney disease, atherosclerosis, arrhythmia, rheumatic heart disease, lack of exercise, obesity, high serum cholesterol and have a family history of stroke.

In conclusion, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle and a better understanding in health article or health education. Only by having these ‘good weapon’, we can say NO to stroke.