Obesity And Cancer Statistics

Obesity And Cancer Statistics

Why are Americans so Unhealthy?

Now lets ignore obesity for a moment,
and lets look at Heart Disease, Cancer,
and Chronic disese statistics.

We are 29th in healthy life expectancy
and yet we spend the MOST on (supposed)
“Health Care”.

65% of the population has at least ONE chronic
disease. And the numbers keep climbing.

They say in the next 20 years it wont
be 1 in 3 to get cancer, it will be 1 in 2.

Hmm why?

Doesnt this strike anyone as odd ? At all??
Do we all believe that we somehow are
sponaneously being struck down by
diseases which have no cause?

Why are diseases doubling, tripling, and quadrupling
in frequency every decade?

There is more to it than pollution …
Something is very wrong.


Obesity Boosts Cancer Odds

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