Carb Back Loading Review

Carb Back Loading Review

Carb Back Loading Review


Carb Backloading Mad Review

I love this program. It allows me to continue eating my favorite foods but I lose weight in the process. Amazing! I never get deprived or starved. I just followed an eating regimen laid out in the book. For a number of days I had to follow a strict diet before I got allowed to indulge. Carb Backloading requires the user to consume a maximum of 30 grams of carbohydrates for the first 10 days of the program. After that, freedom! Eat as much carbs as I please but never worry at all about gaining weight. What happens is quite the opposite—losing weight while eating a lot! So long as the first ten days of card restriction is followed, such results should take place.

This technique was introduced by John Kiefer, a leading nutrition expert that has worked with hundreds of athletes, power lifters, bodybuilders, and other sports personalities. With Carb BackLoading carbohydrate is consumption is saved to the later hours of the day. But this program is not like the majority of diets that severely restrict carbohydrates throughout the entire program, Carb BackLoading in fact has no restrictions after the first ten days of the program. A person can eating just about anything and still stay in shape, become stronger, leaner, and healthier in the process.

The science behind Carb BackLoading is basic and easy to understand. The body easily burns more fat in the morning than at any other time of the day.

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The stress hormone Cortisol is released in abundance as you rest at night, until the morning hours when it hits peak levels. This hormone helps your body burn fat in the morning hours, so long as you stuff yourself with carbohydrates. Cortisol will instead promote fat storage the same way insulin does if you load up ob carbs in the morning. If you let the Cortisol hormone levels subside naturally as the day progresses without eating carbs, you will gain more from your training while maximizing the effect of the carbs stored in your body. It simply means that they will be efficiently used throughout the day as you do physical activities.

It is also counterproductive to eat carbs before a workout. Less fat will be burnt during the workout if carbs are consumed beforehand.

Eating carbs also dampen the nervous system response. It makes a person sluggish and slow to respond. It just makes more sense to eat carbs after the workout.

The Carb Backloading technique is very simple to follow without any complexities. Once the ten days are done, you can eat all the foods you want to stuff your face with, You just switch to a low carbohydrate diet during morning and mid-day hours of the day as you train hard in the gym or do whatever physically challenging activity you like. This will deplete your body of most of the carbohydrate storages it has. When evening time comes, you can then consume carbs again as they will simply be used up by your body as you sleep.

It’s awesome. It’s easy. It’s too good to pass up. Grab a copy now.