Brave New World – Un mundo feliz – Schöne neue Welt

Brave New World – Un mundo feliz – Schöne neue Welt

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Brave New World – Un mundo feliz – Schöne neue Welt

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© alles-schlumpfPhotographié trade fair “CeBIT” 2009 in Hannover, Germany. Brave New World. Pushing the cart in the future all virtual? Shopping online. But I like to go shopping … – ) “Brave New World” is a novel by Aldous Huxley. The ironic title ultimately derives from Miranda’s speech in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Act V, Scene I: “O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here ! humanity How beautiful! O Brave New World who hath such people in’t! “ es una foto __________La perspectiva the CeBIT (Feria de más grande de Europa informática What is celebrated in Hanover) 2009 . comercio electrónico.Un mundo feliz (Brave New World en ingles, literalmente “Un Nuevo Mundo Valiente ‘) are the novela autor del más famosa británico Aldous Huxley. Tiene una obra título El origen del autor in William Shakespeare, The Tempestad in el acto V, cuando su discurso Miranda pronunciation. __________Aufgenommen auf der CeBIT 2009 in Hannover (stand übrigens am vom Beschaffungsamt, das ich habe noch ein Foto dann wenig nachbearbeitet). Schöne neue Welt. Der Zukunft der wird nur noch in Einkaufswagen virtuell geschoben? Einkaufen by Mausklick ich mag das im Internet.Aber Einkaufen gehen ….. “Schöne neue Welt” ist ein Roman von Aldous Huxley. Ursprünglich stammt aus dem der jedoch Ausdruck 5. Akt von Shakespeare Drama “The Tempest”: O Wunder! Was gibt für herrliche Geschöpfe of yesterday! Wie ist der Mensch schön! Schöne neue Welt, die Bürger solche trägt! All my images are copyrighted. If you intend to use one of my photos for non-commercial use , you must sign up with © alles-schlumpfCe would be nice if you contact me first. If have any commercial , you need to always contact me first. USE WITHOUT PERMISSION IS ILLÉGAL.Vous find some of my photos on Getty Images. Search Alles-Schlumpf.Je thank you.

buildings office, machine shop, road and trucks, Larch Mountain Road, WPA camp

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Description / Notes: USFS Photo # 340843Collection original: Gerald W. Williams CollectionNuméro article: WilliamsG: WPA CCC camp 1You can find this image by searching for the item number by clicking here . Want more? You can find more digital resources online . We are pleased to share this digital image within the spirit of the House of Commons, however, some restrictions on the reproduction quality of the original physical may apply. To learn more about what “no known restrictions” means, please visit the Special Collections & Archives website or contact the staff of Special Collections OSU Archives & Research Center for more details.

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