After Liposuction Pain

After Liposuction Pain

Buttocks 150x150 After Liposuction Pain

No matter what type of liposuction you undergo—traditional liposuction, vaser lipo »”>Vaser lipo, or Smartlipo—you can expect to feel some pain after the procedure. To what level will depend on the amount of fat you have removed and the type of procedure performed. The good news, however, is that during the procedure, your surgeon will use some form of anesthesia to prevent you from feeling any pain. These anesthetic effects can also provide some relief postoperatively, but you will most likely require some other forms of pain relief to feel comfortable.

Although your body’s natural pain threshold has a lot to do with how much pain you will experience or be able to endure, the actual pain itself will be dependent on the amount of bruising and swelling you have after your liposuction procedure and which method was used to remove the fat. Large volume liposuction tends to produce more pain post procedure than a procedure such as Vaser lipo. This is due to the techniques used in each and how much fat is removed. Regardless of how much pain, bruising or swelling you experience, it’s important to know that each is your body’s way of helping those areas to heal.

The good news is that no matter what level of pain you experience, it will not last forever. In fact, as each day passes, the pain will get better. The best way to reduce any discomfort you feel is to follow your post-operative instructions. If you were given an elastic support to wear, make sure to wear it as instructed. You will also most likely be even a prescription for medication for reducing swelling and minimizing pain. So be sure to take it as prescribed. Following your postop instructions will help to reduce pain and discomfort. If you are given antibiotics, be sure to take these as well. Doing so will help prevent infection of the wound sites.

Things you’ll want to watch for during the recovery period is increased pain, redness, swelling, and/or inflammation. These can all be signs of infection and will need immediate attention. Keep in mind that you should feel better as each day passes, not worse. Also, if the elastic garment you were given to wear after surgery feels too tight or causes too much discomfort to wear, talk to your surgeon. He or she may be able to prescribe a different size or have some tips on how to wear it without the discomfort.

As the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.” The same is true when it comes to liposuction surgery. To gain the benefit of a more attractive figure, there will be some pain. Just keep in mind that it will pass, and in the end you’ll be left with a much more pleasing appearance, which will make up for any discomfort you felt during the healing process.

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