Your Success is Our Success

Your Success is Our Success

If you can''t find a Neoteny Health Center in your area, we have several ways to assure you receive the quality support and treatment you seek.

You will be assigned a Personal Coach you can always contact using Email, Text Messaging, Video Chat, Office and Mobile Phone. We have worked hard and will continue to incorporate the best technology to serve our Clients no matter where they live.

Our Facebook Page and our Blog were designed to assist each and every person who is seeking to improve their health. Simply post your questions to our Facebook Wall or comment on our Blog Posts. You will find we respond quickly and extend the best we have whether you are a Neoteny Health Patient or not.

We are constantly growing and expanding Neoteny Health Centers. Until then, through Facebook, Our Blog and our Staff Coaches, we are prepared to support you in more ways then you can expect.

Plug yourself in and begin improving the quality of your Health care by staying informed. We are certain we will add value to your health and assist you in adding years of quality to your life. That is, after all, our primary motivation for existence.

Concierge Wellness Coaching

When we designed our Lean Life Protocol, it was important to us that we offer a Top Line Service and Coaching Service that is unmatched in the Health and Wellness Industry. Our Centers offer Coaching with weekly office visits, weigh-ins, group classes, personal instruction and personal fitness training. We do not put limitations on our communication technologies and you can rest assured, you will have Coaching and service beyond any in the industry.

We know the challenges you will face and hold constant training with each Staff Member in order to assure they either have the answers, or know where to find them in order to assure each Neoteny Health Client is never left feeling alone or uninformed. We believe you are an active participant in your success and the better informed you are, the more success you will have.

There is no lack of Personal Services with your Concierge Wellness Coach, you will have scheduled weekly Phone or Office Visits with your Wellness Coach. Records on your progress will be updated and tracked. Each week you will discuss Special Diet Instructions to keep you on track. Most importantly you will have the ability to contact your Wellness Coach anytime, even after hours through Email and Text Messaging. Each of our Wellness Coaches carries the latest technology in order to assure you have support when you need it.

As Science and Technology make breakthroughs that add benefit to the foundational principles of the Lean Life Protocol, the latest Science will be added for the benefit of all participants.

There is one thing we can assure each of our Neoteny Health Clients, you will receive support unlike any you have experienced. With Neoteny Health, you are never alone or without the support you need.




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