Worst dogs for people with dog allergies

Worst dogs for people with dog allergies

You have went to the pet store and, your child may of held a puppy and played with a puppy without incident.

Once you select your new puppy to bring home months and months go by and nothing and then all the sudden your child becomes congested and has trouble breathing. Surely it can’t be your puppy that is the cause? The mistake many people make is not knowing what causes dog allergies.

Dog allergies are actually caused by dog dander or dead skin, because puppies do not have a lot of dead skin there will be no symptoms for a few months as it takes that long for a puppy to develop dander. There are no dogs that are completely dander free but many breeds produce more dog dander than others. Its better to have your child exposed to younger dogs of 1 to 2 years old of the breed you are thinking of buying to see if your child has dog allergies.

The worst dogs for people with dog allergies:

Cocker Spaniels


German Shepherds

Irish setters

These dogs are among the worst for people who have dog allergies. Each of these breeds are known to renew their skin more then most dogs. This leads to much more pet dander then the average dog. If you have one of these dogs and you or a member of your family is suffering dog allergies there are things you can try rather than getting rid of the dog.

First thing is to be sure that the dog is causing your allergies. Often a dog will cause other allergies because they carry outdoor allergens inside. If this is the case you need to control your dogs outdoor activities to when allergens are not at their peak.

Air purifiers can help take dander out of the air. A HEPA filter works well to capture very small particles. Its best to keep your dog out of your bedroom and off the couch. You will need to vacuum on a regular basis again hopefully your vacuum has a HEPA filter. Some vacuums can actually make things worse as they take dander that is trapped in the carpet and blow it around into the air. You may want to confine the dog to one or two rooms in the house.

Hopefully these measure can reduce symptoms enough so that someone suffering dog allergies can live in harmony with their beloved dog.