Tomatoes Health Benefits

Tomatoes Health Benefits

The tomato had many benefits for our health, it hips our body to fight against cholesterol or against cancer.  Tomatoes are cheap and easy way to improve his health.  At first the researcher was pretty skeptical, but with further study it proves that tomatoes can improve health. Researchers at the University of Manchester and say that it is recommended to eat 2 tomatoes per day for optimal health.  The tomatoes can be eaten through many ways: a tall glass of tomato juice, soup or tomato sauce.

In the study we asked 10 volunteers to eat 5 big spoons of tomato paste mixed with olive oil for 3 months. While 10 others eat olive oil daily without any tomato. The test has shown that eating tomatoes improve three times greater resistance to sunburn compared to those who do not consume tomatoes.

Consumption of tomatoes also increase collagen production, Collagen is the protein that allows the skin to remain supple.

The new breed of tomatoes developed in USA indeed have three times richer in antioxidants that the ordinary ones. This can be used to fight against cancer and other disease. These tomatoes contain about three and a half times more lycopene than their natural ones. This tomato is able to prevent free radicals to body. Free radical is most responsible for the factor in the development of cancer or cardiovascular disease.

The advantage of tomatoes is not only for preventing cancer, but also heart disease by lowering the level of cholesterol in body. This is very exciting information, and the advantage of tomatoes is abundant. The lycopene contained in tomatoes can fight against the various cancer types such as prostate cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, and cancers of the stomach, mouth, pharynx, and esophagus. The lycopene is able to stop the growth of cell culture in cancer. One glass of tomatoes daily is potential way to keep our body healthy.

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