The Healthy Plate: Green and Pink - Crisps and IceCream

The Healthy Plate: Green and Pink - Crisps and IceCream

Green and Pink - Crisps and IceCream

Some days I think of food,

and of what I''d like to eat,

I think in terms of color,

and melt in your mouth treats.....

a big broad palette to use,

from fruits and veggies you choose....... Method : 1 big bunch of curly Kale1 tablespoon olive oilsea saltmixed dried herbspaprika or chili flakesWash the kale leaves, pat dry then tear off the leavesfrom the stem into bite sized portions.In a bowl drizzle the olive oil, and massage gentlyto coat the leaves, then add the herbs and salt...... Line a baking tray with parchment paper and spread the kale leaves in one layer.Bake at 140C for 10 - 12 minutes till crisp and done.Be careful, depending on your oven the timing will differ,and in two minutes the crisps can burn, so after 10minuteskeep checking......with practice in your oven, you''ll getthe timing perfect........ I began making Kale crisps two years ago,and I usually use my dehydrator instead of the oven,but both work just fine.......Kale has the highest nutrient density of all greens.I use it in smoothies but I have never really enjoyed cooked kale

So crisps are a wonderful way of getting all those green nutrients

inside you in a way that is totally pleasurable! Other Variations : With oil and sea salt: cumin powder, dried tamarind powder, chili flakes..... garam masala, garlic flakes, grated lemon rind...... tahini, honey, orange juice.......balsamic vinegar, paprika.......For crisps with wet dressings, like honeyor balsamic vinegar etc, you might need to turn them over after 10 minutes or so, and bakethe other side for around 5 minutes more.....These crisps are just like any other in the sense,once you start you can''t stop - the difference isthat these are Good for You, so you can indulgeand enjoy this treat, it is totally guilt free!!! :-) Now to something sweet and soft and cold and delish........Raw Ice Cream with Bananas and Blueberries Slice and freeze a couple of bananas overnight,as well as some blueberries.....

Then blend them both in a high speed blender,

with a teaspoon of almond butter, vanilla extract,

a pinch of sea salt and a tablespoon or two of water,

or milk as desired - I use soya milk or more often

You need the water or milk to make blending easier.

You can add honey or agave for more sweetness,

I added a pinch of green stevia powder - but really

the fruits are sweet enough on their own and do not

And viola - you have instant raw ice cream ready!!!! I don''t blend it till it gets homogenized, as I likepieces of frozen bananas - and I also mixed some

more frozen blueberries before serving the ice cream.

This is seriously good stuff - easy to make and

sugar free, diary free, gluten free - simply fruit and

almond butter for a dollop of good fats and extra taste! Notes :I had planned to do posts based on ingredients, but after doing a few on Quinoa, I changed my mind and dropped that idea....I thought I needed some structure,but not at the cost of spontaneity!!!So, I''m happy to go back to whateverunfolds day to day, the pictures I take, and whatever food I choose to make :-))))Keep it Simple. Be Creative.Taste and Play. Find your Own Way.

Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Creating healthy food is my passion and sharing it is the purpose of this blog. The food here is nutrient rich, delicious, natural, wholesome and easy to make.

The focus is on adding new tastes and using ingredients in different ways.

A small step goes a long way, one ripple is all it takes.

Join me on this adventurous and fun filled journey towards a radiant and healthier YOU.....

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