Introduction to MOVVE!™  Make Weight Loss Work

Introduction to MOVVE!™ Make Weight Loss Work

Make ANY Weight Loss Program Work

When I ballooned to over 300 pounds, I found that weight loss professionals had a lot of knowledge but mere information wasn’t helping. I became an RN when doctors misdiagnose my daughter. So in learning the limits of the experts, I knew that my pursuit of weight loss needed a better vehicle. So to that end, I created MOVVE!™ a process that got me to achieve my goal weight by increasing my communication skills, emotional intelligence and ability to create a goal driven support team to help me reduce my tonnage. After all, knowing the ingredients in a recipe is of little use without applying the right sequence, the right heat, when to stir and add those secret spices that makes the final finish worth all the effort. I found that this MOVVE!™ process is the BEST recipe and tool belt to help change any dream into a goal achieved.

I would like to share this MOVVE!™ process to help people become that thinner, fitter and trimmer person they’ve always wanted to be. I look forward to helping folks overcome their pitfalls and failures as they share their challenges. So when it comes to weight loss and better health, lets get on the MOVVE!™

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FREE Webinar to MOVVE!™ Into Successful Weight Loss

What We Fail At Again & Again

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