How to Handle Chicken Pox in Your Baby

How to Handle Chicken Pox in Your Baby

Chickenpox disease can affect anyone. But most diseases that cause red bumps on the skin blackish surrendered children. However, not infrequently, adults exposed to these infectious diseases. Want to know how to handle it? Chickenpox usually affects children over the age of 9 months. This disease attacks the skin and form lesions (spots) are filled with fluid (serous). If not treated properly the disease can be transmitted to others and a long recovery.

Here are some ways to overcome chickenpox in children. Perform the following with true and correct.

Chickenpox can cause the child has a fever.

Most people say that children who are exposed to chickenpox should not bathe. It is not true. Children should bathe twice a day. If necessary, bathe 4-5 times a day. It’s just that you need to be careful when bathing, especially when brushing your body. This prevents smallpox sores from being scratched. The body is dirty because it will lead to the spread of bathroom germs and can cause skin infection.

After showering apply antibiotic ointment to the affected skin and witch hazel chickenpox in healthy skin. It aims to prevent the spread of more severe.

4. Children nail clippers.

It aims to prevent injury when he scratched his itchy feeling. You need to put the gloves to more secure.

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