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Healthy Kids » healthy mind

Healthy Kids » healthy mind

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor''s bookWed, 29 Jun 2011 10:56:26 +0000 Are Health Lesson Plans Important For Children?, 26 Apr 2010 07:28:19 +0000aritra all the environmental changes around us, it is imperative that kids suffer from a lot of health issues. For any parent or teacher, it is possibly an issue of the highest importance. To overcome this crisis, the grownups should prepare a health lesson plan for the children. The entire purpose of preparing a health lesson plan is to impart a child with healthy and positive knowledge that he/she will carry on for life.

Preparing a health lesson plan makes the kids aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind. It is like a list of do’s and don’ts that are prepared keeping in mind the best interests of the kids. However, the list has to be prepared according to the age of the children. Lesson plans will be of three basic types:

Kindergarten or Preschool Plan: A kid studying in kindergarten is more receptive to fun and visuals. The primary objective in this age group would be to develop a sense of awareness about their own body; for example, how to maintain healthy teeth and gums, cleanliness of the whole body, scalp problems, proper food habits etc. These can be communicated to them with the help of some fun activities and colorful pictures. Certain stories may be shared with them explaining the difference between a healthy body and an unhealthy one.

Middle School Plan: A child in middle school faces lot of peer pressure and confusions. At this age children are usually not much into fun activities, but, will respond better if the activities are made more interactive. By making them discuss a health issue, you will not only make the child more interested to learn, but also give them a chance to express themselves. At this age they can sense a definite change in their bodies. Developing a lesson plan helps them understand these changes that will give them a moral boost and help them keep a straight head.

High School Plan: A high school student normally poses to be the most challenging. Since they are at go between ages therefore, they sometimes feel out of place. The chances of the child going astray are increased at this age. Starting from drug abuse to unhealthy food habits and lack of physical activities, all happens now. Therefore, since for most part of the day children are at school, the teacher should make an extra effort in preparing their lesson plan. It should elaborate the effects of the negative thinking process which children of that age develop, and methods to overcome them. It is best to keep the interactions on an informal tone than a strict and monotonous one, if intentions are to keep the student’s mind in the class.

All lesson plans are not suitable for children. However, an effort must be made from the grownup’s end since they have seen and experienced more of life than the kids. Hence you need to be first aware as to why are health lesson plans important for kids, and how can you both reap benefits out of it.