Do Carbs At Night Cause Fat Gain?

Do Carbs At Night Cause Fat Gain?

Do Carbs At Night Cause Fat Gain?

You’ve heard it time and time before – if you want to optimize your fat loss process, you should be doing your best to avoid eating carbohydrates before bed.

But, how much truth is there to this?

Must you really avoid eating carbohydrates before bed? And possibly more important, what if you just finished a hard workout? You know that carbohydrates should be consumed after you hit the gym, but what if it’s a late night workout?

Let’s go over a few things to keep in mind.

Your Goals

The first thing that you need to take into account is what your overall goal set is. Are you on a very intense diet that has you really cutting back on your overall carbohydrate intake?

Or, are you on a more flexible approach that has you eating a moderate level each day?

The more carbs you’re eating total, the more likely it will be okay for you to eat a few bed. If you’re only eating 50 carbs per day however, you’ll want maximize their energy boosting benefits and serve them earlier on in the day instead.

The Type Of Carb

Second, also think about the type of carb. The primary reason that carbs get such a bad rap is because if we look at the type of carb that most people are eating, it’s a highly processed variety that is devoid of nutrition and dietary fiber.

Eat a wholesome carbohydrate and you really won’t have to worry nearly as much about it setting you up for fat gain.

For instance, serving a small bowl of bran flakes with some low fat cottage cheese on top as a pre-bed snack is going to produce far different results as far as your body composition is concerned than diving in to a bowl of potato chips and salsa.

Clearly the latter is not going to be weight loss friendly.

The Post-Workout Conundrum

Now, let’s address the workout issue. If you have just finished an intense workout in the gym, definitely do get in your carbs. Your body is hungry for them at this point and neglecting taking them in would mean that you may not recover as quickly as you should.

Just be sure that you are focusing on the slower digesting carbohydrates for the most part and make absolutely sure to eat them with a solid source of protein.

The protein will help to slow the digestion and reduce the chances you get a blood sugar crash mid-sleep.

Achieving Balance

Finally, the most important thing that should be address is your total calorie intake. Remember that regardless of whether you eat carbohydrates or not, you must make sure that whatever meal you eat pre-bed balances out with your total target daily intake.

If this meal causes you to go over your calorie target, it doesn’t really matter what you’re eating, it’s going to work against you.

So there you have the main points that you must keep in mind as you answer this question. Carbs can be okay before bed if you’re wise in your approach.